Water Walker

Who comes unto me if it is not Jesus
tiptoeing on the water laughing at how
he does not sink inviting me to walk
beside him the way he walked with Venus
once upon a time.
                        I say, “I’m not
as beautiful.”
                        He says, “Neither am I.”
“I’m not dressed right.”
“Neither am I.”
“I might sink.”
“I might too,” he says and sticks
a foot in to the ankle and pulls it back
            “Listen,” he says, “if you don’t
understand metaphor, then stop calling
on me.  Walk with me upon this sea
or forever lose me.”
                        “Well, I say, “if you put it
that way, here I come.  And my name is not
            “I know, it’s Byron.”     

-Byron Hoot


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