Late Summer Gifts

had i known the secrets of weeds
i would have waited to snap them loose
from this tender earth
this year i left them wild
and with a tender tug
saw they loosened best
even weeds require grace
and when they need to travel to a better place
(not my garden!)
i contemplate mercy behind their demise
i might have missed seeing wild vines of morning glories
one white as early mist
one purple as dusk
nuzzling my garden fence
and undersized
tapping the ovals of small watermelons
planted by grandchildren
snagging tomato plants
given by a son
pointing reedy fingers at melons rolling their rough sides
into the maze of overgrown greenery
i might have missed half grown elderberry
pale red paint strokes between the leaf and stalk
like the ruby throat of a nearby humming bird
wisp of a prophet
promising wine for winter when the berries ripen
and the healing begins By Janey Pease

Elderberry has been used for centuries in folk medicine to treat different ailments. . .|By Ana Cassis


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