Memory And Retrospect

Life's retrospect brings to one and all
A maze of joy and sorrow;
And things we count as joy today
Oft brings a sad tomorrow.
Back thru the corridors of time
Along the way we came,
Fond memory points to scenes sublime
And scenes that bring us shame.
Since only once we pass this way
Why spend our time lamenting.
For life, while in this house of clay
Means sinning and repenting.
Alas for him who does not feel
Each day he needs a savior:
And daily pleads with Christ to heal
And pardon ill-behavior.
The blood that reached and cleansed today
Has lost no power tomorrow:
That fount was opened wide for aye,
A balm for sin and sorrow."

*Pastor Walter C. Harris
Long Branch West Virginia
June 29, 1934


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